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Company History
Coming to America and succeeding; that is the quintessential immigrant’s dream. It was a dream which a young Frank Vella, growing up in a rural Italian village, could never have thought possible. Growing up, Frank learned three core fundamental values from his father, Salvatore Vella, a mason. Take pride in the quality of your workmanship, have a sincere passion for your craft, and do it all with the utmost integrity.

Vella Company VehicleIn 1965, Frank Vella immigrated to America in order to pursue the “American Dream”. The journey was made despite only having $100 in his pocket and speaking very little English. However, motivation, principles, and building and masonry skills found to be enough to enable him to provide for himself and eventually a family.

Frank JrAs Frank continued to build his life in America, he fell in love, a family was started, and a home was purchased. The basement provided for an office to work out of. His wife, Carol Vella, was very instrumental in the start and running of “Vella Ceramic Tile”. Having established himself as a quality tile installer with a sincere passion for customer satisfaction, expansion into the arena of bathroom remodeling was a natural one.

As Frank Vella Sr.’s business grew, so did the need for a showroom, office space, and product diversity. Local plumbing and cabinet distributors were sought, combined with his tile skills, allowed for kitchen and bathroom remodeling to become Frank’s next venture.

In 1976, the Stone Road Showroom opened its doors in Greece, NY, and Vella Ceramic Tile became Vella Bath & Kitchen. Due to the strenuous work schedule and long hours, family time was limited. In order to spend time with his children, they would often accompany him on the jobs in hope they too, would grasp the trade. Frank Vella, Jr., his only son, did just that. At a very young age, Frank Jr. became interested in the business and eagerly wanted to assist on the jobs and in the showroom.

As the 1980s began, Frank Vella put his focus into the kitchen market by purchasing materials direct from cabinet and other fixture manufacturers. In turn, they would be sold to some of the areas largest and prominent builders and contractors within Vella’s wholesale division. This move also allowed Vella Bath and Kitchen to be more in control of obtaining quality materials at competitive pricing. As the decade went by, Vella purchased a countertop fabrication facility that would further streamline quality, lead times, and pricing.

Frank Vella JrHaving known his future would be in the family business at a young age, Frank Jr. spent his free time after school working and studying the ins/outs of the business. Frank Vella, Jr. joined the organization on a full time basis in 1988. Having grown up in the kitchen and bath industry, Frank Vella Jr. was ready to lend his personal touch to the continued growth and success of the company.

In 1999, Frank Jr. wanted the business to grow and further stand out from the competition. With that vision, a small vacant plaza was purchased on the border of Perinton and Macedon. This new location would include full custom kitchen and bath displays, a new countertop fabrication facility, and a material warehouse. While the company catered to all aspects of the industry, it was soon realized that Vella Bath & Kitchen should focus on what it did best - kitchen and bath remodeling.

The strengthened focus on remodeling led to the integration of full-time remodel employees in 2003. This unique combination of being a kitchen dealer and full service remodeling company positioned Vella Bath & Kitchen to be unlike any other company in the industry. The fundamental belief that Vella did not just sell kitchens and baths, rather it offers its' clients a daily opportunity for enhancing their lives, truly transformed the company into one of Rochester’s leading kitchen and bath companies.

As Vella Bath and Kitchen celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2010, the Culinary Center at Vella opened its doors. Housed in our "Living Showroom", the culinary center offers hands-on cooking classes led by some of Rochester’s finest chefs in a fully functional, designer kitchen featuring Dacor luxury appliances and master-chef inspired cookware by the Culinary Institute of America.

Frank Sr and Frank JrThe success of Vella has always been the result of the core pillars established years ago: Quality, Passion, and Integrity. A strong commitment to Innovation allows Vella to remain in the forefront. Those fundamental values, taught by Salvatore Vella, are shared by all of Vella's employees, and are evident in their daily actions and business decisions. Vella has solid roots to be proud of, and a constant eagerness about what tomorrow may bring. Vella looks forward to celebrating its' 50th year in business in 2015.
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